Destiny – Initial Thoughts

So my copy of Destiny got to me yesterday and I got a chance to hop on for a bit and see how things shaped up since the Beta. I am happy to report that the game is still great.

It did seem to me that they slowed the leveling from the beta. I’m not sure if it was quicker because they wanted people to get to the max level and see how things played out or if it was a conscious choice to slow the leveling based on player feedback. Luckily though, with patrols, there is not a shortage of ways to gain experience. There is also the Crucible for players who don’t suck real bad at PVP. I haven’t played any yet, but my friends tell me that the matchmaking is a little messed up. Level 19 players in games with level 8 players which is really unfair considering the RPG aspects in the game. The level 19 has so much more armor, it’s like trying to drill a hole in thick concrete with a screwdriver.

If you play Destiny and want to join the echtek community group, go here:

I’ll be streaming and writing posts about my time leveling and running co-op content so keep it here for more!

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