New Firefox Title Bar Bug

Recently Mozilla released its newest version of Firefox which is great but I ran into a bug.

The default settings have Firefox take over the title bar which can cause some issues.  In the computer I looked at, the Window would not auto-resize when you dragged it to the edge of the screen (a feature in Windows 10)

Title Bar Example

Title Bar Example

[The area where the title of the window and the “X” button is located is referred to as the Title Bar]

If you want to change the setting you will need to right click on the title bar and click Customize.  Then on the bottom of the Customize Screen there is a checkbox for Title Bar.  Make sure that is checked off and the Windows Title Bar will reappear and functionality will be restored.

Firefox Customize Screen

Firefox Customize Screen

Final Thoughts

I’m not 100% sure what triggers the bug, I tried it on my own Windows 10 machine and the bug didn’t present itself.  However, I know of multiple machines that this has happened to.  You can download the new browser here

If you have any other problems related to the new version of Firefox, feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best to assist you!

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