Release Day Delivery

It’s the year 2014 and you can go online and pretty much order anything and have it to you the next day. You can even order digital downloads of games. So should you be punished for ordering a physical copy of a game?

Like thousands of other gamers across the US, I pre-ordered my copy of Destiny waaaay back when Gamestop started taking pre-orders. When the Limited Edition was announced, it just made financial sense to upgrade (see ), so a week after the Limited Edition was released, I went back to my Gamestop to upgrade. I got there and was told Gamestop was sold out. So I checked my local Walmart and Target, both of which were also sold out. Being the computer saavy guy I am, I went on Amazon only to find out they were also sold out. I looked at Newegg and they still had stock, so I pre-ordered with next day shipping.

Fast forward to today. My game just shipped and I will be getting it tomorrow but it begs the question, why can’t Newegg offer release day delivery? Amazon offers it on everything from books to games. I love Newegg and buy all my parts and accessories there but I won’t be buying games anymore.

These days, being late to a launch of a multiplayer game will put you behind of friends and prevent you from being able to group or play with them. Some games even offer day 1 rewards and perks. You could even lose the name you wanted because you were late to the party.

It is unacceptable to me that Newegg does not offer release day delivery. If they did, it might put them in a position to compete with Amazon as far as games are concerned.

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