Computer Air Pressure Explained

Is your computer really dusty? Looking for a way to keep dust out? You may want to think about the Air Pressure inside of your computer case.

For those of you who just got really scared by the words “Air Pressure”, trust me, it really isn’t that confusing. When you’re talking about a computer case, positive pressure is created when there is more intake fans (fans sucking air into the case) than exhaust fans (fans blowing air out of the case). With Positive Pressure inside your case, the air tries to find ways to get out of the case, so even if its a teenie tiny hole not visible to the human eye, the air will try to escape that way. So, as a side effect, dust does not accumulate inside the case because there is no way for the dust to enter since all the air is escaping the computer case.

That being said, you are still going to need to make sure your intake fans are filtered. Obviously, the air that the fans blow in will blow in any dust as well. If your case is metal, they sell magnetic filters that easily attach to the outside of your case to cover the grates. If your case is plastic / not metal, they also sell filters that screw in underneath the fan. (If you need any help with this, feel free to reach out to me directly via Twitter or email).

Please remember that having good airflow should not be compromised. You still need some exhaust fans, you don’t want all of your fans blowing in, as it will create a dead air situation inside your case and you will have hot air with nowhere to go.

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