Shadow Realms

So I called it. The new Bioware Game is called Shadow Realms and it is an Action RPG. What I didn’t see coming was the 4v1 model behind the game. 4v1 is where 4 player characters take on 1 player character who plays the bad guy. As the player you can choose to be good or evil and gain progression in whatever one you are currently playing. Being that it is a Bioware Game I am expecting a great story and really deep combat progression.

The general plot is that humans are being awakened to powers they didn’t know they had. As they are figuring their powers out a force from a world called Embra called the Shadow Lords, have figured out how to leave their world and invade Earth.

That’s about all the information that was released but go here for a chance to get into the closed Alpha and to learn more about the game!

It’s also interesting to note that Shadow Realms (at least so far) seems to be a PC Only Game.

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You’ve Been Chosen

I must admit, this PR Campaign that Bioware has going is really interesting. Today, Bioware released a new trailer for their new game entitled “Spark”. You can watch it below:

Again, it’s a live action teaser with what seems to be someone being stalked by something that can control electricity. The game seems to definitely have something to do with a group of people (things?) selecting people for something. The website has a place for you to sign up for more info and it has a message:

Your power is rising.
Cologne, Germany.

You’ve Been Chosen.”

There will definitely be some kind of announcement at Gamescom in Cologne on August 13th. I am getting more and more excited for this game.

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New Bioware Game

So I woke up this morning and checked my email and got my pants scared right off me.

Bioware and EA have announced a new game. I can’t tell if the title of the game is: “You’ve Been Chosen” or if that’s the viral campaign Bioware is using to hype the game.

The video that was linked in the email is posted below, take a watch. Whatever the game is, it looks like it’s going to fall into a horror or suspense genre. Being that it is being developed by Bioware, don’t be surprised if it’s some kind of RPG and/or Adventure Game.

That footage seems to be a mix of live action and animation. I’m interested to see how the game actually looks from a visual standpoint.

Bioware, you have peaked my interest, so kudos to you on a teaser well made.

More info might be coming from Comic Con taking place in San Diego this weekend or (more likely) be announced at Gamescom in August.

We’ll post more info about the game as we find out!

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