PS4 Getting 3D Blu-Ray Support

PS4 is getting 3D Blu-Ray Support!

Over the past few years, 3D has become extremely popular. According to Cinema Blend ( the average ticket price is $7.94. I wish a movie was that cheap in Southern Connecticut. I just looked at Hercules in 3D and the price is $14.50 for an adult ticket. That being said, you would think the demand for 3D at home would be higher, especially since most TVs you buy now come with the 3D standard. 3D at home is just starting to take off and is looking to do better as time progresses. It really is about the way 3D is used, if the movie uses 3D in a gimmicky fashion or was not really filmed with 3D in mind, the extra charge is really not worth it and it makes it doubly worthless to purchase said 3D movie for 3D home viewing.

PS4 and Xbox One at launch did not support 3D movies. This boggles my mind for a few reasons:

1) PS3 could handle 3D Blu-Ray Movies with no problem. Why would you release a next gen console that had less features than the last generation?
2) PS4 could handle 3D Games at launch — Not that there even was any.
3) Personally, I sold my PS3 before the PS4 launched so I could get top dollar for it. I had to purchase a 3D Blu-Ray Player to watch my 3D Blu-Rays because I assumed (should have done my research instead of assuming) that the PS4 was going to allow me to watch 3D Movies.

It is interesting also that both Sony and Microsoft waited so long to add the functionality. Better late than never I guess. The PS4 update being released is 1.75 and it should be out sometime next week.

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